Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring and its meaning meanings

I guess it would be a nice time to thank all of those that read this blog..maybe it can be boring at times since is only about Samia and Gamila.

Today it felt like spring came and left..I don't want to brag around the weather but is beautiful here, I know many of you are still dealing with hats, gloves, boots, coats etc.

I guess that is one of the perks of living in the south...although I don't really like jumping from winter to summer.

While I was driving back home today the route I take most of my days I notice the flowers had completely bloom it was funny seeing the trees still with no leaves but the flowers all open and making the road a beautiful view. I convince baba to take a stroll with the girls..however I have to admit I had another agenda taking pictures of those flowers in full bloom.

The first time I was introduce to the word Spring cleaning was in Miami Beach I used to work for a bank called First Union that later on was bought up by Wachovia..Nenas I used to be a teller it was my first job after I graduated high school, I think this was the setting stone that change my mind of being a teacher to becoming an accountant I liked that world and from there I went to work for a brokerage firm and then I made my mind. While working at the bank, there was a predominant Jewish community and I will remember the clients coming in and talking about spring cleaning.

I remember going home and telling Abuela and she was like "Que, Que, Que, esa gente son unosse limpia todo el ano" (What, What, What, those people are crazy, you clean all the year round) is funny how spring can be link to religion I know in Judaism is link to the Passover mainly. Then I learn while working in New York with my Greek orthodox boss that is also done in Greece. I know Guido and Zetu do spring cleaning in Egypt as well --- for those that do not know this, there was a period of time that Jews had to flee Egypt, the timing of all of this is great I am currently reading a book about the Jews that had to flee Egypt and they go in great detail of the process that is perform during this time. Okey nenas I will stop my lecture now.

Like we say in Spanish "El que anda entre la miel, algo se le pega"
If one plays near the mud one is sure to get dirty translation...this rocks... So needless to say by hanging around so many that do I have to share this site I found most of my sayings with the Englishspring cleaning I being doing it a couple of years ago.

I finally finished it today at home..Gracias a Dios.

So here are my spring pictures.
And to close my spring cleaning Samia says bye bye to her flower


Stylomom said...

Sweet flowers, we have summer and spring all year long here in Singapore..

Counselormama said...

I love your pics, so beautiful! I live in Cali, so we have nice weather a lot too. I love the blooms that are around this time of year.

Mona said...

Yea, great pics! Spring is starting here too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always!

I guess I give the house a good spring cleaning each year because once the weather is nicer I can open up the windows and go crazy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah We've been having great weather here in Texas, all last week it was in the 80's and then it rained so now it's cooler! I hope it's hot tommorrow because it's my B-Day:) Love the pictures you took!