Sunday, January 25, 2009

The monster with 4 legs that barks and more!

So last night I went to sleep all gear up for my midnight friend...surely enough I went to sleep at around 1o'clock and by 2 Samia was climbing the bed. I told her go back to your bed and she froze, so I decided I will take her back on the way back we had a pipi stop, when we were ready again I said you go back to your bed and tomorrow we will play...oh Gosh what did I say the cries could be heard all the way to Egypt so here I am in the bathroom trying to calm her down, so my other bundle of joy would not wake up. At this point I told her please calm down and tell me what is the matter.
Samia "Mami there is a monster in my room" So I told her No baby let me show you there is no monster...let me go back a little our upstairs neighbors for some reason are very active at night I think they come back from work past midnight so their house is very active in the middle of the night plus their huge German Sheppard most get excited when he sees them and starts running all over the Samia is not making it up, there are noises and doors are being open and so forth.
So I lay in bed with her and try to explain nena is a dog a kalba un perro mija como Siwa...the dog barks and he is playing like Siwa plays...she was a bit calm. I am waiting for her to go back to sleep so I can come back to my wonderful bed maybe 45 minutes into this drama a car parks in front of her window again she wakes up and explains to me that the monster is parking....again I explain that there is no MONSTER, that it is a man that is parking his car..another 30 minutes go by and I am not moving waiting for her to fall asleep and when I am about to quietly exit her bed I turn around and I see those brown eyes starting at me and then she says "I love you mami, I love to be novias" at this point I just cuddle with her and sleep in her bed...Not much improvement there I guess I can look at it in the bright side she did sleep in her bed. Let's see what follows!
This week Samia's good friend Alexandra came back and they were so excited to see each other just judge by the pictures, they tickle each other and played sleeping beauties
We also went to the park on Friday and Samia made a new friend a girl much older than here but it was so pretty seeing Samia running with her and following her
Baba's agaza week is over but I know he had so much fun, Samia loves playing butterfly with him and he loves playing with them non stop.

Samia the last two days you get into this position when you are upset and you look at me and tell me "Mami I don't want to be mad at you!" There has not being any consequences I guess because I being in a very good mood.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Yes, that would be scary sounds to wake up to!

Mona said...

"Mami I don't want to be mad at you!" This? Adorable!!

Khadra said...