Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Me me me me me

So I figure I will write about me just throwing it out there
  • I miss my mom
  • I miss Amira, Guido, Zetu, Suzzu EGYPT
  • I love to listen to the birds sing early in the morning
  • When I type I always get confuse Sign - Sing ( I know my grammar sucks, spelling okay thanks to spell check)
  • I can not sleep with the closet door open or the bathroom door open
  • I can not sleep with thick blankets
  • I need a bottle of water next to my bed
  • I can not go to sleep till after midnight
  • I have to make my bed every morning
  • I don't like anybody to vacuum clean my house
  • I dislike (well I should say the truth HATE) folding cloths
  • I don't watch scary movies
  • I am afraid of snakes (well yeah yeah any kind of reptile)
  • I never in 100 years imagine I will marry a Pharaoh
  • I have to drink coffee every morning and the real thing CUBAN coffee
  • I SING while I am driving
  • I am always dancing at home
  • I try to belly dance (Alone or else I would be the biggest looser)
  • I love my spanish music
  • I love my spanish novelas (soap operas)
  • I don't like hot water not even for showers
  • I am a mild hyper active person
  • I talk to my mom at least 5 times a day
  • I used to snore super super loud (Thanks to my adenoids being removed no more sound)
  • I have never smoke
  • I miss going out dancing (baba does not dance)
  • I miss going out to the movies (baba does not like the movies)
  • I love fishing
  • I love creating things with my hands
  • I love meeting new people and listening about their cultures
  • I dislike onions
  • I dislike pickles
  • I love sweets
  • I don't believe in parenting books
  • I believe in la chancla
  • I believe we should not let our children drive our lives
  • I believe not every body has to like me
  • I believe that not everybody that says is your friend really means it
  • I love to make jokes in spanish
  • I can only pray in spanish
  • I have a hard time when people spell things out to me
  • I love numbers I count everything in my life ex. how many lights at the Dr.'s office, how many doors
  • If I go to a crowded place I always look for the exit door
Okey I will go now there are many many many more things. Inshallah by the time I updated this later on I can delete some of the negative things.
And the list can go on and on


Mona said...

Yay I feel like I know so much more about you:) I don't like onions, raw but cooked is ok.

Stacy said...

Maybe I need to get Blake's adnoids taken out!!!

Stacey said...

I thought I was the only one who couldn't sleep if the doors were not just right. I can't take dresser drawers open either. And I always look for an exit door as well. HA! Hey anytime you wanta hit a movie or dancing call me - I love to do both and my hubby hates both too.

Khadra said...

this was fun to read. Thanks for sharing more about you!