Sunday, January 11, 2009

Casitas Colombianas

So the weekend has being a very calm one, mainly at home enjoying baba and las nenas.
On Saturday baba made some yummy Samack (fish), baba is from Alexandria and there they eat lots and lots of fish so whenever he gets a chance he cooks it.

Mami just run errands taking advantage that las nenas can stay home with baba, since going with the two of them to a supermarket is not much fun. Specially Gamila my Houdini ends up taking up her seat belt and wants to jump of the buggy. Inshallah it never happens.

Mami has being wanting to make one of her casitas not sure it has a name in english is a craft from Colombia. So on Sunday I convince baba to help me build "la maqueta". After a while we were finally able to build it, now I have to paint it and make with clay all of the items that go inside mainly Colombian things typical items from my country.

I have a few here at home that I have purchase, but they are so hard to come by and so delicate that if I have them mail from Colombia they would be destroy by the time I open that box. So I decided to build them let's see how the end product would be.

On another note I have made like 250 yo-yo's still have 320 to I can start building my quilt, I though the yo-yo's would take much longer to be made but to my surprise not at all.

I am a hyperactive person I can not stay still so I am always doing something. Baba had a really hard time getting used to the fact that even when I am watching tv I am doing something else on the side. From what I see in Samia and Gamila as of now I see more Gamila being like mami.

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Mona said...

I love all the stuff you guys make!