Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everything ready, remembering Mio!

Well today I finally finish everything tomorrow we should be leaving to New Orleans, Bonnie our good friends is going to be nice enough to drive us to New Orleans we will spend the night there and we will start our trip.
The journey is going to be a long one....but I know that at the end at least Guido and Zetu are going to hold their two grandaughters and give them a little bit of peace in such a difficult time.

I am happy but sad at the same time I know my Mio would have love to be there, she always wanted for us to go and play with the kids....I feel upset at times why her why her so young, such a naive, pretty, sweet, person she had never harmed anybody she was just a peaceful person, but I guess God had another destiny for her.

I just can not believe it was 4 years ago also in an August my Mio was waiting for me in Cairo with Guido...she was so happy to see me, we even went to Hurghada and spend couple of days diving, snorkly having fun, I remember we rode 8 hours in a bus not know whow was going to wait for us in the town when we arrive, that was just Mio she wanted a little of adventure and she know Her Mistika would be up for it.

No kids back then, the funniest part was riding that bus a western girl like me shorts sandals and my Mio covered everybody would look at us like what is this duo....and we laugh everytime people would talk about us.
Mio was afraid of the water she fear the water but for her mistika she got on a boat and went with me to red sea so I could go diving in the most beautiful coral reef of the world, she just had to do it, that was her, wanting to please everybody......I made her do crazy stuff with me but she enjoyed everysingle moment of it, we sang we eat we shop and most important of all she was the sister I never had and I was the sister she never had.

Hopefully one day we learn to live without her, but as of now the pain still there, I used to talk to her everyday in messengrer for at least 2 hours, she was my friend, my sister my business partner.  The best is one of those persons you meet and make a lifetime impression on you.  I will love for one of may girls to have that personality that love she always had my Mio.

On thursday we should be going to New York and from New York to Cairo at the end of this trip we would be in the road for more than 24 hours.
Leaving New Orleans at 7 AM arriving New York at 11:30 AM then leaving to Cairo at 6:00 PM arriving in Cairo on Friday at 6:00 AM New York time.  Cairo time 2:00 PM then we will drive to Alexandria for about 3 hours to Yehia's home, thank God his parents would be in Cairo waiting for us to help us with the luggage and the girls.

On another note today Samia found my clown hat, to the dislike of Yehia I used to be a clown in New York that is one of the ways that I was able to pay the high tuition rates of NYU doing my clown gigs in the city on the weekends my clown name was Nana and I will do ballons, funny acts games etc....it was a nice time of my life I really enjoyed it. 

It was nice being silly and getting paid for it, Yehia hate it with a passion, but I loved it I quit when we arrived in South Carolina, the last time I did any clown shows was for Samia's 1st year birthday party I did some ballons and she loved it. I still have my hat and my makeup hopefully when the girls get bigger I can play with the circus games....

Oh Miss. Samia not only got into my clown stuff but she decided to go into her birth book with pictures etc....thank God I have a blog now this way she can not destroyed this pictures....she is such a sweet girl...Gamila spend the day with her baba driving him crazy and making him chase her around the house.

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Stacy said...

I am so sad that ya'll are leave, but so happy that ya'll are going to visit Yehia's family. I know that ya'll are going to have a great time in Egypt and his family is going to love seeing the girls!! Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!
Love ya! Stacy and Carson