Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gamila is here November 2007

On November 7, 2007 Gamila was born. The same as with Samia an emergency C-section because of Preclampsia, she was also born on a Wednesday the same as her older sister the best part was that my mom was here this time so Samia stayed with her Abuela while we were in the hospital. This birth was a little different I was very scared and when I was on the operation table my blood pressure drop and things got a bit out of hand but thank God everything turn out perfect. Gamila was gorgeous well she still is (mami talk). She was very different from Samia she never wants to sleep, the hospital stay was too long, especially because Samia did not want anything to do with her sister so she only went once to the hospital and was upset.

We finally made it home and to my surprise and happiness Mauricio y tio Cesar came, this was perfect we were all home and it was a wonderful couple of days. My mom stayed with us a month which was great help, we had our first Thanksgiving with the new addition of the family. Little by little I got used to the two girls which is not easy since they are only 18 months apart, with allot of of work and organization it can be accomplish to handle the two girls.

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